Neuro-cardiac solutions

Neuro-cardiac solutions for a symptom-free life


Have you had a stroke or TIA (mini-stroke) caused by a clot?

Has the cause been determined to prevent further strokes?
The tests required to determine causality after a stroke vary depending upon age and other medical conditions (co-morbidities).
For example, a young patient is more likely to have a PFO while an older patient with other medical issues is more likely to have undiagnosed intermittent Atrial Fibrillation (A fib, AF) which is when the heart jumps out of rhythm (there may be no symptoms).

Do you suffer from migraine with aura?

Do you suffer from migraine with aura? Have you had an unexplained stroke? What about breathlessness, chronic fatigue, decompression illness or exertion headache?​

Heartbrain Private Clinic is a solution-focused clinic helping people find answers and treatments for neurological conditions.​

We use innovative screening concepts and the latest in clinical evidence to offer patients a symptom-free life.​

We are different because we offer genuine clinically proven treatments to prevent stroke and treat migraine with aura.​

We are Australia’s leading experts in neuro-cardiac solutions.

why choose Us

Neuro-Cardiac Solutions

We examine your heart as it may be the cause of your neurological condition.

Solution-Focused Clinic

We identify the problem and provide a solution, rather than treat the symptoms.

Innovation and Evidence

We are pioneering a screening technique that has proven to accurately detect a hole in the heart.

Leading Experts

We are leading the way in PFO treatment and research through the PFO Research Foundation.

What does 'neuro-cardiac' mean?

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'neuro-cardiac' means...

The link between heart and brain health is being increasingly recognised. International studies and our own research shows people with a patent foramen ovale (PFO), commonly known as a ‘hole in the heart’, who suffer neurological conditions such as stroke or migraine with aura, will likely benefit from having their hole closed.

At Heartbrain Private Clinic, we are pioneering a new screening technique in Australia that allows us to accurately diagnose, and ultimately treat people suffering debilitating or life threatening effects from having a hole in their heart.

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